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Remember in days gone by when merchants would ask for a major credit card when you were going to pay for something.

Now, in those days having a major credit card was a big deal. In this day and age we do not hear this phrase so much. Instead we hear, "and will that be credit or debit?"


Why this site? 

1) To help you keep up on what is going on with the credit card industry. And, to have a place where we can share our experiences concerning the Bank, Credit card company or Credit Union we are using.

Share the good as well as the rip offs.

Share what you have done to break the bondage of the credit card companies and the financial institutions. We have got to help one another.


2) To share with you the "Credit Cards" I have designed. This will be on the "Credit Cards" page soon. 


This site is about all things credit. Write when you can. 

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